Journey To Reach Pure Light




About the Book

Journey to Reach Pure Light is the documentation of a spiritual journey to find the true meaning of our existence in this world, as a human being. Setyo Hajar Dewantoro, a spiritual teacher from Java, Indonesia has travelled across Indonesia, South East Asia and many parts of Europe, following the Holy Guidance to unveil the sacred knowledge and ancient wisdom that mostly forgotten, or mistakenly understood. The book is here to take you along, and enjoy the journey in reaching the pure light within yourself, by purifying the body, mind and soul.


The Author:
Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

He is a spiritual guru from Indonesia, who established Fraternity of Pure Light, a non-profit organization to accommodate spiritual seekers who are interested in his teaching. He has written many spiritual books in Bahasa Indonesia, but this is his first English book. It is the time to spread his spiritual teachings into wider audiences, globally.

He has been through years of authentic experiences on his spiritual journey, and opened many layers of hidden truth about God and Its reality. The truth that might be unexpected and uncomfortable to some, even quite shocking to a certain extent.

But it is time for the truth to be revealed, to understand human existence, why we are here, what soul journey is, and our mission on Earth. His authentic experiences and most of the information he shared in this book may be difficult to find on any search engine, and rarely available on any scholarly references. The information shared here are downloaded from akashic record, or The Universe’s server, through meditations and series of interdimensional conversation with The Guardians, and Immortals.

This book is only for those who are ready for the truth, in the search of meaning of life, and seeking for answers.

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